What to do when your loved one passes away

Please find advice on what to do in the event of a loved one's death.

Contact the doctor of the deceased who, in normal circumstances, will issue the Medical Certificate of Death, or out of hours doctor who will confirm death until the deceased’s own G.P. can issue the Certificate. You should then contact Brendan or Thomas O’Brien for further assistance.

Registering a death.

A death which occurs in Northern Ireland can be registered in any District Registration Office, and should be registered within five working days, This is with the exception of deaths which have been referred to the coroner. There is no cost for registering a death. The only cost will be for copies of the death certificates if required.

Who to Inform

  • Relatives and friends.
  • Employers / Schools.
  • Solicitor / Accountant.
  • National Insurance Contributions Office if they were self-employed (to cancel payments).
  • Landlord or Local Authority if the deceased rented their property.
  • Any private organisation/agency providing home help.
  • General insurance companies - house contents, car, travel, medical etc.
  • Bank / Building Society.
  • Mortgage provider.
  • Hire purchase or loan companies.
  • Credit card providers/Store cards.
  • Utility companies, if accounts were in the deceased’s name.
  • TV/Internet companies with which the deceased had subscriptions.
  • Royal Mail, if mail needs re-directing.
  • Passport Agency, to return and cancel a passport.
  • Social groups to which the deceased belonged.
  • Dentist.
  • Creditors - anyone to whom the deceased owed money.
  • Debtors - anyone who owed the deceased money.

Things that may need to be returned

  • Order book / benefits.
  • Registration documents for the deceased’s car (if necessary).
  • Season ticket and membership cards of any clubs or associations, as a refund may be due.
  • Benefit/pension books and any unused cheques / vouchers should be returned to the benefit’s office.
  • Driving License.